Four day walks in this mountain area

Getting there: The highways to Vienna (A) and Bratislava , going north to Trenĉin and Ruzomberok. Our destination was  Liptovska Osada, between the higher and lower Tatras, or between Ruzemberok and Banska Bystrica. The Narodny Park Velka Fatra.
Maps: You easy can buy useful walking maps in the cities of Slovakia. Just as in the Czech Republic, the - many - trails are well maintained. We used the “Turisticka Mapa Vel’ka Fatra, nr 121, VKU (Vojensky kartograficky ustav Harmanec. Scale: 1:50.000.
Accommodation: although booked for one night we stayed more days at a pension in Liptovska Osada: a lot of snow. So, we made day walks from this pension (guesthouse).

Easter 1995: 4 day-walks from a private family-pension* in Liptovska Osada. A great base for beautiful hikes across the mountain peaks. To enjoy all those views of the snowy mountains.
Height: 609 m. until 1567 m.

12-16 km a day.

Day 1: Liptovska Osada - Zvolen - Donovaly vv
Dag 2: Liptovska Osada - Liptovske Revuce, by de Krackov (1397 m.) vv
Dag 3: Liptovska Osada - Siprun (1461 m.) vv
Dag 4: Liptovska Osada - Mala Smrekovica (1530 m.) vv

donavaly   siprun   mala Smrekovica  low tatras

Donavally                    Siprun                                                                     Mala Smrekovica

On trail: hiking through snow is a special experience. With clear weather phenomenal views. But also looking for the marks….and: fresh traces of bears. People say that also the lynx lives here.
Near Donavaly we saw some people (Donavaly is a well-known ski resort). But most of the time we were on our own.
Hidden in the valleys some villages where people invited us for the “celebration” of Easter. Folklore. With music and a lot of  alcohol.

* 2016: The pension is closed. But there are alternatives.