A five day walk in the Vosges

Getting there: the Vosges mountains range in central western Europe, characterized  by fine forests on the lower slopes, open pasturages at height and rounded shape of their peaks. Easy to get in by the highways from Germany, Belgium and France. From Holland its only an couple hours by car. You could take the TGV Paris-Epinal, but after that it’s quite a distance….
We walked here in 1987 (!) and as a result of taking (too) little water, while high temperatures and burning sun, we drank about 8 bottles Oranginas lemonade p/p at the first occasion to do so. That’s why we called ourselves “ the Oranginas”, thereafter.
Maps: Good walking maps available everywhere in the region. We used: IGN 3619 OT, scale 1:25.000.
Accommodation: plenty: hotels, pensions, Gites d’étappe, chambre d’hôtes , Gites ruraux, at the farm, at a castle, whatever you want (to pay).

Easter 1987: a criss-cross trail at the Vosges mountains. L’ascension du Grand Ballon, le Parc Regional des Ballons, la gastronomie formidable et le vin!
Height: 300-1424 m.

Distance between de stage cities: 20-25 km.

Day 1: Munster - Buhl
Day 2: Buhl - Moos (crossing Grand Ballon, 1424 m.)
Day 3: Moos - Sewen
Day 4: Sewen - Ballon d’Alsace ( 1247m.)
Day 5: Ballon d’Alsace - St. Maurice s. Moselle

grand ballon   sewen   ballon d 'alsace

Grand Ballon                                                        Sewen                                                                   Ballon d'Alsace

On trail: wet and high altitude meadows, deep valleys, waterfalls, lakes, cliffs and rocks .Continuously beautiful views. With clear weather you can see part of the Alps.
Hiking through a largely protected area (Regional Nature Park).