HIKING TRAILS FRANCE, Canyons of the Tarn, Dourbie and Jonte

A six day walk in the Cevennes: the rivers

Getting there: The Cévennes, a part of the Massif Central, are easy to get to by car or high speed train (TGV to Millau). We walked the fields in the Causses, the uplands, as well as the Jonte-, Dourbie- and Tarn canyons. Going down, go up, going down, etc. : heavy climbs and heavy descends.
The gorge du Tarn is about 500 m. deep.
Maps: They offer you good maps in the region. We bought: IGN 2641OT and 2640OT. Scale: 1:25.000.
Accommodation: Plenty: hotels, pensions, Gites d’étappe, chambre d’hôtes , Gites ruraux, at the farm, at a castle, whatever you want, depending on your purse……..

Easter 2003: an (almost) round walk in a spectacular mountainous area . A wonderful variety of scenery and habitats: ideal for the walker!
Height: 380-875m.

Distance between the stage cities: 25-30 km.

Day 1: La Canourgue - St.Georges de Levejac
Day 2: St. Georges de L.- Le Rozier
Day 3: Le Rozier - La Viale
Day 4: La Viale - Vevreau
Day 5: Vevreau - La Roque Ste.Marguerite
Day 6: La Roque Ste. Marguerite - Millau

les Vignes        point sublime      capluc

Les Vignes (Tarn)                                                     Point sublime                                                           Rocher de Capluc

On trail: Point Sublime near St Georges de Levejac, Rocher de Capluc. Follow the vertical metal ladders to the Rocher de Capluc, from where an outstanding panorama of the Tarn and Jonte stretches. ”Les vases”, shaped by weather and wind. The eagles on top of the rocks. Karst-scenery and pretty temperatures.