Five day circular walk in Bohemia South-west

Getting there: South Bohemia is easy to get to by the highways of the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. Or a flight to Prague and by public transport to the start (130km’s).
Maps: Its no problem to buy good and useful walking maps in the Czech Republic. Kiosk’s and several shops have the maps of the surrounding on stock. On the maps the trails are shown in different colors (green, red, black or yellow). On trail the marks and colors are very good to see at trees, houses, walls, poles and traffic-signs. And all well maintained. At important crossroads there are often very beautiful (wooden) marks, on which you can find more information about the distance and the hours/minutes to walk. The Czech Republic is a prominent walking and hiking country. Map: Šumava Železnorudsko, Olympus, edice KTT, nr. 64, scale 1:50.000
Accommodation: To find a place to sleep and eat gave some problems in the past, but nowadays(2017) there are more and more hotels, B&B’s and pensions. Enough.

Easter 1990. A five day walk in the south of the Czech Republic, near Susice.
As many cities in the Czech Republic, Susice, at the Otava-river, impresses with her beautiful old town…...
Height on trail: 600-902 m.

Day 1: Susice - Kasperske Hory*
Day 2: Kasperske Hory - Rejstejn
Day 3: Rejstejn - Srni (or: Crni)
Day 4: Srni - Stachy
Day 5: Stachy - Susice

* In 1990 no place to sleep. Meanwhile (2017) this  little town is almost completely renovated and now you can find  a variety of places to stay at night.

kasperske hory   near srni  otava river

Kasperske Hory                                                   Near Srni                                                            Otava river

On trail: fortified buildings, castles, ruins, a track along the border of the Otava-river, great beer and a lot of silence. High above Kasperske Hory the castle with the same name. Stunning views, dense forests, creeks, wetlands, and some glacial lakes.
It’s a great route in a great hiking country!