HIKING TRAILS TURKEY, the Lycian way ( Hisançandir-Karaöz)

Six day walks of this magnificent trail

Six stages from  this long distance trail, between the cities of Fethiye and Antalya, in the south west of the country. Here you can find more information about getting there, accommodation, maps, tips, advice and possibilities for assistance from a local travel organization.

April 2009: 6 stages from the Lycian Way. The trail was very well marked, probably new white-red painting by Kate Clow and her assistants. This part is, in contrast of part 1, more going inland and gets up to about 1900 meters. The track at day 6 follows cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean and the islands, including the lighthouse, almost the symbol of the Lycian-way.

Day 1: Hisançandir - Göynük
            After a steady climb a long descend to Göynük, through woodlands.
Day 2: Göynük - Göynük Yala
            Ascending and descending, through a canyon and the last part by bus from Middle Earth Travel to Gedelme.
Day 3: Gedelme - Yayla Kuzdere
            The run for Mt. Olympos with great panorama’s on the track.
Day 4: Yayla Kuzdere - Beycik
            By Cukur Yayla, 1900 m., and those who want to do so can reach the top of  Olympos (2366 m.). Start early!
            Transport to Çirali, the beach.
Day 5: Çirali - Adrasan
            The track follows the ruins of Olympos, a steady climb after and offers great panorama’s.
Day 6: Adrasan - ( near) Karaoz

The apotheosis of a great trail, overlooking the Mediterranean and the islands, passing the lighthouse. Transport to Adrasan. You also can sleep at Karaöz.
( 8 km. to go).

lycian way   hospitality   near lighthouse

Between Göynük en Göynük Yala                      Hospitality                                                           Near the Lighthouse

On trail: the waterfalls of Göynük, the castle ruin of Gedelme, the eternal lights of Chimaera, the remains of Olympos, the tombs, in spring quiet beaches, like paradise…………

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