Day walks from a chalet in the village of Racatau, Transylvania

Getting there: It takes you - from Holland - about two and a half days by car to get into the walking area. Be attentive to the harvesters and horses on the highways in Romania and the - sometimes - big holes in the road. Don’t drive at night! And keep your speed. The police loves your (Western) money!
Or: a low cost flight to Cluj Napoca, from Amsterdam or Dortmund (Germany).
Maps: In the area we were going to (in 2000) we had, at home, the impression that finding current maps and possibilities to sleep and eat on trail should have given too many problems. So, we stayed at a “chalet” in the middle of an almost undiscovered walking area: Transylvanian hill and mountains scenery, caves and special flora and fauna. A local guide was our map.
Maps 2016: You can buy in Cluj: Cluj şi Vlădeasa Dimap Erfatur, scale 1:70.000.
Accommodation: a chalet in the village of Racatau, about 45 kilometers south west from Cluj.
2016: the chalet is still there, but closed.
Alternative: between Huedin and Gilau/Cluj Napoca, the northern border of the area, you can find more and more accommodation. Or try a farm stay (rural tourism). Information: tourist office Cluj.
We make a page about this area because of its magnificent possibilities for walking. Especially the area around is very beautiful: the highlands of Marisel.

highlands of Marisel   racatau

Highlands of Marisel                                                                                Racatau

Between Huedin en Gilau, the northern border of the area, more and more possibilities for walking and accommodation are created.
The nature is green and unspoiled, the forested hills change with colorful open meadows. Numerous rivers have cut spectacular canyons and created the most fascinating caves. Remote places. Brown bear and wolves still live here. Things don’t change much in the villages, till now. Millions of flower in spring. Wooden churches, ruins of medieval fortresses.