HIKING TRAILS POLAND, Giant Mountains, Karpacz

A 5 day walk through the National Park Karkonoski in the south of Poland

Getting there: the German highways to Dresden and Görlitz, in Poland to Jelenia Gora and you are in the Polish side of the Giant Mountains. Silesia. We started at Szklarska Poręba.
Maps: You can buy good and useful hiking maps almost everywhere in the area. On trail the marks can be disappeared, as we discovered, and so we sometimes got lost. At height you can see the destructive influence from the unrestrained pollution (industrial emissions) in the past: dead trees, no leaves... Nevertheless there is a lot of great nature left and to discover. And Poland is working hard to recover the area.
We used (map): Karkonoski PN, PPWK, 1991, scale 1:30.000. Meanwhile (2012) there are more maps. Such as: Geomat– Karkonosze, scale 1:40.000. Polish.
Accommodation: finding a place to sleep and to eat was easy. Beside hotels there are a lot of private pensions and other kinds of private initiatives.

Easter 1991: a hike through the National Park Karkonoski in the south of Poland. In Czech Krkonose. Karpacz is situated at the foot of the Snezka (1602 m.). Our route followed partly the old customs-road (or Roman road) along paths full of snow, mountain sides with high winds, but also fantastic views, impressive, rough rocks masses and possibilities to have a quick lunch at the Czech site of the mountains………
Height on trail: 600-1164-1490 m.

Day 1: Szklarska Poręba - Karpacz
Day 2: Karpacz - Kowary by Sedlo (1164m.)
Day 3: Kowary - Gorny
Day 4: Gorny - Gorna by Czarcia Ambona (1490m.) and Szrenica (1362m.)
Day 5: Gorna - Szklarska Poręba by Szrenica (1362 m.) (observatory)



near Sklarska Poreba   sklarska poreba  without snow

To Sklarska Poreba                                                                                                                           Without snow

On trail: green valleys, sometimes a village and on height: those massive rocks, snow and clattering melt water in the creeks. Sprouting vegetation fighting against the wind and snow…...
So, be sure you have your compass, good equipment and a good condition!