HIKING TRAILS ITALY, Tuscany (Florence-Siena)

A walk between those famous cities

Getting there: a low cost airlines flight to Pisa, the bus to town center (15 min.) and you can admire - for instance - the famous tower and all the other historic buildings. In the evening by direct train to Florence (about 1 hour). The cultural inheritances from and at Florence must be seen! We reserved a day to admire all those highlights. In early spring on a weekly day - perhaps - the queue to visit the Uffizi museum is short…...
The route between Florence and Siena  is about 85 kilometers and can be covered in 4 or 5 days. Over centuries travelers must have walked here……..
Maps: In Florence we bought the Edizioni Multigraphic maps nr. 42 and 43. Sometimes difficult to read. But the local residents always are willing to help you in case of doubt.
Accommodation: plenty . As well as the possibilities to enjoy the local Chianti and the genuine Tuscan cooking.

March 2006: a trail between Florence and Siena in the heart of Tuscany. In early spring, in tolerable temperatures, the trail passes fortified buildings, old farmsteads, vineyards and olive orchards, through a  hilly country , woods, mediaeval villages, Romanesque churches, chapels, mostly bordered by old cypress avenues.
Highest point: 530 m.

Day 1: Florence - S. Polo in Chianti *
Day 2: S. Polo in Chianti - Passo di Picorai
Day 3: Passo di Picorai - Greve
Day 4: Grêve - Panzano - Castellina in Chianti
Day 5: Castellina in Chianti - Basciano ** - Siena

And by train to Pisa airport, via Empoli ( about 2,5 hours).

*     take bus 33 to Bagno a Ripoli and you can skip the suburbs of Florence.
**   take here the bus to Siena and you can skip the suburbs of Siena

botticelli ufize   passo di picorai  greve

Botticelli (Uffize) museum                                   Passo di Picorai                                                  Near Greve

On trail: at day 1 great views at Florence in the morning, in the afternoon at the Arno-river, and after that woody. Off S. Polo in Chianti the scenery  is more open, walking the wide and almost white footpaths, passing the farmsteads and fortified buildings: the classic Tuscany image. Montefioralle, Panzano and Pietrafitta (day 4) with mediaeval atmospheres. Grêve in Chianti with its distinctive piazza and Castellina (a little site-step to the Etruscan tombs) with its remnants of the years of Florence-Siena conflicting. And at day 5 a long but even stage in the Siena direction.