Six stages of this trail on the peninsula Beara

Getting there: low cost airlines bring you to Dublin or Cork. From Dublin is quite a time in the bus to - our destination for example - Kenmare (5 hours). From Cork airport to Kenmare is 2,5 hours by bus.
The Beara-way is a way-marked route, 197 kilometers, around the peninsula, at the west coast of Ireland. There is no official starting point or end: begin where you want to begin. The trail goes through old roads and footpaths, such as the - on the peninsula -  famous O’Sullivan Bere march from 1602.
Highest point of the trail: 340 m. You can complete the trail in 8 days.
Maps: the Ordnance Survey of Ireland 84 en 85; you can buy the maps on trail.
Accommodation: Sleeping and eating: a lot of B&B’s. Or the youth hostel. Or a holiday home!

March 2005: 6 stages of the Beara-way. You can complete the route in 8 days , including a more or less round-walk at Bear Island.

Distances between the stage cities: 20-25 km.
Height on trail: sea-level till 340 m.

Day 1: Kenmare - Lough Inchiquin (holiday home 2,5 kilometres off route)
Day 2: Lough Inchiquin - Ardgroom
Day 3: Ardgroom - Castletown Bearhaven (variante)
Day 4: round walk at Bear Island ( ferry from Castletown Bearhaven)
Day 5: Casteltown Bearhaven - Adrigole
Day 6: Adrigole - Glengariff
           and by direct bus (18.00 hours in 2005) to Cork

kenmare river   lough fedda  eyeries

Kenmare river                                                     Lough Fedda                                                        Eyeries

On trail: the never ending colors of the Irish west coast , the Caha and the Slieve Miskish mountains. You can admire as well the views at Bantry-bay, Kenmare-river, as the Atlantic Ocean.
”The views can be breath-taking.” A lot of  remains from the former residents: the stone-circles, standing stones and the megalithic tombs. The loughs in the mountains, the colors of some
villages (Eyeries), sheep, the gasp, the rugged coast in the far west……...and all that in a week walking!