HIKING TRAILS ENGLAND, Penine way Central and North

Six stages of the Pennine Way central and north.

Getting there: Here you can find more information about the Way, how to get there (from Holland) and about accommodation. We took the train from Leeds (airport) to Appleby in Westmorland ( the Leeds-Carlisle line) and from the train station there it’s four kilometers walking to our start in Dufton.
Map: we bought in Appleby the Pennine Way Central, Horton in Ribblesdale-Greenhead,  Harvey, scale 1:40.000. And the Pennine Way North, Greenhead to Kirk Yetholm. Good maps, waterproof, useful in rainy England! Although the trail is very well marked, you need a map. And with fog: a compass.
Accommodation: the youth hostel in Dufton, B&B’s, hotel in Carisle.

April 2008: six stages from the Pennine way, through the Northern Pennines and the Northumerland National Park. And between that a fine stage along the Hadrian’s Wall, the wall made by the emperor Hadrian (AD 117-138) “to separate the Romans from the Barbarians".

Day 1: Dufton - Carrigill  *
Day 2: Carrigill - Slaggyford
Day 3: Slaggyford - Greenhead
Day 4: Greenhead - Once Brewed
Day 5: Once Brewed - Bellingham
Day 6: Bellingham - Byrness **

And by train form Carlisle to Leeds. Three hours.

* At this stage you climb Cross Fell and great Dun Fell: the Fells are prone to dense hill fog and fierce winds. So, listen to the locals and with bad weather: don’t do it!

** The B&B at Bellingham picked us up at Byrness. From Bellingham it’s easier to get to Carlisle.

pennine way north    pennine way moorland    pennine way north 3

Day 3                                                                    Moorland...                                                            And more moorland

On trail: the Way goes through meadows, passes farmhouses, along rivers, wet moor lands, and in the northern part forests.
Between the little villages “the complete nothing”, isolated, desolated, silence. ……..You are on your own now…..
And: the “famous” grouse, many of them (not only in the pubs...)

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