A self-made trail in central Jutland near Horsens

Getting there: Denmark is easy to come in by the highways of the Netherlands and Germany, from the south. The nearest airport is Aarhus.
Accommodation: plenty, such as excellent youth hostels, B&B’s, hotels, “Zimmer frei”.
Maps: we used detailed road maps. We couldn't find walking maps covering the whole area. Impression that trails are maintained by local communities and tourist offices. So, we made our own trail, using as much as possible foot-paths, tracks, little green roads, along canals and the borders of farmland. Sometimes through arable lands, meadows, forests and a lot of clay soil (with every step you rise a couple of centimeters).

Easter 1988: a trail in central Jutland near Horsens, made by ourselves, prepared after breakfast, no way-marked route, but a great thing to do!
Height: until 147 meters, the Himmelbjerget.

Distance between the stage cities: about 25 km.

Day 1: Horsens  -  Skanderborg
Dag 2: Skanderborg  -  Ry
Day 3: Ry  -  Bryrup
Day 4: Bryrup  -  Silkeborg
Day 5: Silkeborg  -  Engesvan

And by train to Horsens.

bryrup  denmark  himmelbjerget

Bryrup                                                                                                                                                    View from Himmelbjerget

On trail: a mostly even and wide scenery, farm-land, meadows, cows, arable lands, some lakes, a lot of ditches, a few hills, the name Bjerget for a pimple of 142 metes. The lake district between Skanderborg and Silkeborg is very beautiful. From Himmelbjerget you can see the lakes.